About Us
At Sapphire Beauty Salon, our goal is to be more than just your traditional accountant. We want to be recognized as a key advisor on your business or financial team--an advisor who will provide you with the superior service and quality work you require. To achieve this goal, we realize that we must build a strong relationship between you and our people.

As we enter a new century of technological advances, you will need highly educated, computer-literate, savvy professionals who can offer sound business advice as well as traditional accounting, audit, and tax services. The skilled professionals assigned to your team will possess these characteristics and will be dedicated to providing you with the personal attention you need to reach your goals.

We are always intent on improving our ability to offer a wider variety of comprehensive business and financial consulting services. Sapphire Beauty Salon serves a wide variety of industries and offers a full range of services, including business valuation, litigation support and information technology.

To further accomplish our goal as a provider of exceptional service, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a dedicated corporate citizen. We lend our individual talents and organizational involvement to professional, civic and social activities that make a positive impact on the communities of which we are a part.

Sapphire Beauty Salon will continue to remain committed to the principles of personal service, professional dedication and integrity. Our professionals can offer you the highly specialized consulting services you need for success. Let Sapphire Beauty Salon help you plan for the future.

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